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Betsey Johnson

'Dancing with the Stars' recap, My most memorable year

'Dancing with the Stars' recap, My most memorable year

It's my least favorite episode: "Most Memorable Year." Let's see what the 17-year-old has to say. Which of the presumably 12-13 of them that she can remember will she pick? I also hate the shameless manipulation -- you will cry, and you will like it.

But first, more Keo Motsepe in the opening number. I will never argue against that.

Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews take turns introducing the couples. Y'all know I love Tom and I also like Erin quite a lot, but neither one of them is the "Voice of the Balls."

Tonight, they're going to allow the audience to score dances alongside the judges. We'll get two minutes, starting at the beginning of the dance,...