Towson Scout celebrates birthday on Mount Fuji

Towson Scout celebrates birthday on Mount Fuji

Drew Perkoski didn't celebrate his 14th birthday with the usual cake and candles. Instead, he was atop Mount Fuji, tired from his hike, hungry and wondering "How can I breathe better?" he said.

"Mount Fuji is, if anything, humbling," he said, recalling his July 23 climb to the summit. "You can see for miles and miles, lakes and towns, temples and shrines. It seems like the top of the world. The winds whip you and the water freezes you. There's no other way to describe it.

The hike up Japan's highest mountain was the highlight of the trip taken by 10 members Venture Scout Crew 3776 to Kawasaki, Baltimore's sister city July 18 to Aug. 4. Drew came home...