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The four questions of Thanksgivukkah [Commentary]
The four questions of Thanksgivukkah [Commentary]

Jewish events and holidays are often fraught with the angst of 5774 years of collective peoplehood. The cycle begins with the bris (ouch!), proceeds through Bar or Bat Mitzvah panic on the pulpit, and climaxes during the union of two Jews under the wedding chuppah — breaking a glass to remind us of life's pain and imperfection. We engage in minor self-flagellation on Yom Kippur, the holy Day of Atonement, and we seem to fast at the drop of a hat. Comics joke (and sing on YouTube) that many Jewish holidays boil down to a "They tried to kill us, we survived, let's eat" theme. So, when some genius figured out that the confluence of Thanksgiving and Hanukkah will...