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Men behaving badly: Same sad story, once again

Men behaving badly: Same sad story, once again

Let's roll out the list. It includes, in no particular order of sluttishness: Kwame Kilpatrick; Jesse Jackson; James McGreevey; Ted Haggard; Gary Condit; Mark Sanford; John Edwards; Bill Clinton; Newt Gingrich; Rudy Giuliani; Eliot Spitzer; Antonio Villaraigosa; Arnold Schwarzenegger; James West; Larry Craig; David Vitter; John Ensign. And now Anthony Weiner, Democratic representative fromNew York.

The thing these individuals have in common is as obvious as, well ... the erect penis in Mr. Weiner's underwear in that risqué picture he claimed he never tweeted to a young woman and wasn't even sure was really him — only to confess last week that he was lying on both counts. In...