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Berard Dudek, Franciscan friar and pastor

Berard Dudek, Franciscan friar and pastor

The Rev. Berard Dudek, a Franciscan friar who was the former pastor of the old St. Stanislaus Kostka parish in Fells Point, died of lung disease Sunday at the rectory of the Rosedale parish where he served. He was 89.

Born Charles Druzd in Baltimore and raised in Canton, he was the son of Martin Druzd, a crane operator, and his wife Catherine, a cannery worker. The family later changed its named to Dudek. His grandparents were of Polish and Russian ancestry.

He left Baltimore at 14 after completing the eighth grade at St. Casimir School in Canton. In a memoir, he said he first thought of joining the religious life while in the third grade.

He became a boarding student at...