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William Howard Taft
Longtime resident Hilda Fyffe celebrates 105th birthday [Old Town]

In 1909 the U.S. flag was adorned with just 46 stars. Arizona, New Mexico, Alaska and Hawaii, had not yet been admitted to the Union. The vast majority of American homes had no bathtubs. Few were equipped with telephones. The average wage was in the neighborhood of 25 cents an hour. Newly elected President William Howard Taft was sworn in as the 27th president on March 4. That same year, on Sept. 23, Hilda Fyffe made her entrance into the world. She spent her young life in Poolesville, moving to Laurel sometime in the 1920s. She's been here ever since. A long-standing member of the Laurel Senior Friendship Club, this centenarian also belongs to the American Legion Post 60's...