In Case You Missed It: NBA in Baltimore


Election Day
The decade in Maryland

Jan. 28, 2001: Ravens win the Super Bowl July 18, 2001: Train carrying toxic chemicals, right, catches fire under Howard Street Oct. 16, 2002: The Dawson family home is set on fire, killing 7 Nov. 5, 2002: Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. is elected governor June 2, 2002: "The Wire" premieres Feb. 10, 2004: Restored Hippodrome Theatre opens March 6, 2004: Water taxi capsizes in Baltimore harbor, right May 13, 2005: GM's Broening Highway plant closes May 20, 2006: Barbaro, right, breaks down at the Preakness Jan. 17, 2007: Martin O'Malley, far right, inaugurated as governor May 17, 2007: Maryland smoking ban becomes law Nov. 4, 2008: Maryland voters approve the slots...