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Ralph Bunche

Jim Murray on John Wooden, Aug. 10, 1972

Jim Murray on John Wooden, Aug. 10, 1972

This column on John Wooden, written by the late Jim Murray, was originally printed in the Aug. 10, 1972 edition of the Los Angeles Times. You picture the man who is, demonstrably, the world's greatest basketball coach, and there comes to view a guy with lots of diamonds on stubby fingers, a Rolls-Royce illegally parked outside the gym with his driver reading a comic book in the front seat. Guys leap to light his cigarettes, the president of the college is on the phone seeking an appointment, maybe so is the president of the United States. He is doing a commercial, dictating a book, getting a manicure, reserving a table at Scandia for lunch, and two 7-foot phenoms from the sidewalks...