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Laws and Legislation
Rate increases lead to delinquent water bills
Rate increases lead to delinquent water bills

There is a good reason why some city residents have fallen behind on their water bills ("Protesters call on mayor to stop water shut-offs over unpaid bills," April 16). The cost is simply too high. When I purchased a property in the city in April 2013, the rate for water consumption was $3.197 per unit (100 cubic feet). After an increase in July 2013 and another in July 2014, the rate is now $4.082 per unit. Simply put, that is an increase of over 27 percent in less than two years. Now another increase looms! That apparently is not enough. The rate for sewer charges increased from $4.299 to $5.488 per unit over the same period. Another 27 percent increase. For comparison, the...