Billionaire donors Laura and John Arnold support far more in Maryland than police surveillance

Joe Scarborough

There's nothing funny about politics as entertainment

There's nothing funny about politics as entertainment

Call it the summer of Trump. The candidate's face seemed to be on a TV screen every time I looked at one. But with the arrival of new fall programs, I was expecting relief.

Instead, one of the first and biggest of the new arrivals, "The Late Show With Stephen Colbert," debuted Tuesday on CBS and set off a late-night booking war of even more candidates and politicians on TV.

Jeb Bush was one of Colbert's two guests for his premiere. The other was George Clooney. Be honest: Would you book phlegmatic Jeb Bush for the first hour of the rest of your life as host in one of the most competitive time periods in popular culture?

But Colbert did, and made light...