Jim Wilson

No duty to rescue, call 911 in Maryland

No duty to rescue, call 911 in Maryland

One of the questions Amy Metz’s siblings have is why her husband, Michael Metz, didn’t call 911 or try to get help from his neighbors when Amy became unresponsive while walking home from a party in a blizzard in the early morning of Jan. 24, 2016.

“Why didn’t he call 911? Why did he leave her there and go home? These aren’t things that us as husbands and men would think to do,” stepbrother Chris Scholtes said. “Why did he send out texts to his neighbors asking where she was when he knew he walked home with her?

“These are the things that make us all angry. That’s the angry side of it for us.”

The Times contacted Michael Metz and he emailed a statement but...