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Henry Kissinger
A year after the Boston bombings [Commentary]
A year after the Boston bombings [Commentary]

In a 12-second period one year ago today, two homemade explosive devices tore holes in what had been a perfect spring day in Boston. Thousands had lined up along Boylston Street for the 117th Boston Marathon. Nearly 27,000 runners ages 18 to over 80, from 96 countries, vied for their personal bests that day. But a year later, we mostly remember the chaos and the grief, those who were killed and those who were grievously injured. Three spectators, including an 8-year-old boy, lost their lives that day, and 264 others were injured. The alleged bombers were two young brothers who lived in Boston. They were also Muslims from the Caucasus. What do their identities mean for how we now think...