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Temporary Assistance for Needy Families
Some of Grasso's own constituents likely 'freeloaders'
Some of Grasso's own constituents likely 'freeloaders'

We should thank John Grasso, the gentleman from Glen Burnie, for expressing an American ideal: That, with hard work and prudence, grit and determination, anyone can own a nice house and a fine car. "Work harder," the Anne Arundel county councilman said last week. Who can argue with that? All of us should work hard, even harder, to build a good life. It's fundamental to the American Dream. Thank you, John Grasso, for the reminder. Of course, in chamber statements and a subsequent interview with The Capital, the chronically outspoken Grasso went further, calling people on public assistance "freeloaders" and saying those who cannot afford to live in Anne Arundel...