Dismissed: Tenants lose, landlords win in Baltimore’s rent court

Lyndon B. Johnson

The master editor

A fellow editor suggested that I look into Robert Gottlieb’s memoir, Avid Reader (Farrar, Straus ands Giroux, 337 pages, $28), and it is a book of the sunniest egotism you can imagine.

I say that in tribute. Mr. Gottlieb is upfront and straightforward about his pleasure in encountering and working with celebrities (Gloria Vanderbilt, Lauren Bacall, Bill Clinton, scores of others), about his various enthusiasms (ballet, the plastic handbags of the 1950s, which he collected and about which he published a book), and about editing.

He is the editor who brought us The Collected Stories of John Cheever and Catch-22. He was the editor who encouraged...