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James Steinberg

Diplomats focus on standoff; Albright, Cohen to meet with Russians over airport troops; 'This is a huge deal'; As NATO moves in and Serbs leave, KLA makes show of force; PEACE IN YUGOSLAVIA

WASHINGTON -- Secretary of State Madeleine K. Albright and Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen will meet with top Russian officials in Helsinki, Finland, this week to try to end an embarrassing standoff between NATO and Russian troops at the Pristina airport in Kosovo.

Four days after 200 Russian troops stunned the West by moving into Kosovo without an agreement with NATO, their presence in what was supposed to be the alliance headquarters in Pristina continued to preoccupy the highest levels of government in Washington and Moscow.

In Kosovo, NATO-led peacekeeping troops were moving in and Yugoslavian troops and some worried Serbian civilians were moving out.