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Vladimir Putin
Seeing the unseen in '15
Seeing the unseen in '15

My friend Greg long ago convinced me that instead of resolutions, each new year should come with one aspirational slogan. Like "Find the fix in '06." When I crowd-sourced the question of a slogan for 2015, a wise 10-year-old I know came up with, "See the unseen in '15." This exhortation is both timeless (expand your horizons) and timely. 2015 — the far-away year Marty McFly visits in the classic 1980s Back to the Future films — is shaping up, ironically, to be a year when the familiar reasserts itself. Such mainstays as the Bush-versus-Clinton dynastic feud, the Star Wars saga, interest rates, U.S. power around the world and the telephone all are...