Killing of 6 children being re-tried 25 years later

Charles Elson Roemer, III

Goodbye, Buddy Roemer

Goodbye, Buddy Roemer

Stop the presses! Buddy Roemer is no longer running for president.

If Mr. Roemer's name doesn't ring a bell, don't feel bad. Although he has been campaigning doggedly for a year and a half, most Americans surely have never heard his name. Mr. Roemer, a former governor of Louisiana, has the distinction — a dubious one, to be sure — of failing miserably to gain the 2012 presidential nomination of not one but two distinct political entities: the Republican Party and the nonpartisan group Americans Elect. The Republicans, of course, have chosen Mitt Romney, who with his victory in Texas this week attained the number of delegates required to clinch the nomination this summer in Tampa,...