Under Armour brings in new president; Plank remains CEO

Carly Fiorina

Hoop dreams

Hoop dreams

Jon Snow is alive but — spoiler alert — the presidential ambitions of Sen. Ted Cruz look to be in dire need of Melisandre's resurrection magic. Even that may be too little too late: Polls suggest Indiana Republicans aren't persuaded by the Texan's charms whether he's teamed up with a failed Hewlett-Packard CEO or not. Despite Senator Cruz's warnings that the Hoosier state is his last line of defense, it looks like his political winter is coming.

It's hard to say for sure whether a big win in Tuesday's Indiana primary will draw a concession speech from either Senator Cruz or Gov. John Kasich. In fact, it probably won't given that Donald Trump will still be well short of his 1,237...