Flood of new apartments in Baltimore raises question: Are there too many?

Doug Gansler

Did Exxon launch a climate science 'disinformation campaign'?

Did Exxon launch a climate science 'disinformation campaign'?

What did Exxon know, and when did it know it? The attorneys general for New York and Massachusetts are trying to get answers to those questions, which could exonerate Exxon — or expose the largest fraud of our generation. Other states, including Maryland, should join their efforts.

Almost four decades ago, Exxon knew that the build-up of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere could have catastrophic effects on the world's climate. The company was so confident in its climate projections that it adjusted billion-dollar infrastructure projects to account for the expected changes. Yet, in the late 1980s, instead of giving an honest assessment of its views on climate change — or even remaining...