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1963:PT 109 showing in Petoskey

50 years ago

Sonic boom in Petoskey

Detachment 12 of the 10th Radar Bomb Scoring Squadron went into operation at Bay Shore on July 22. During the first week of operations, a number of sub-sonic, simulated bombing attacks were scored. Sonic booms heard in the Petoskey-Charlevoix area during the first week were the result of other Air Force activity which was in no way related to the bomb scoring operations, according to Lt. Col. Joseph C. King, commanding officer.
He explained that the sonic boom is not caused by so-called aerial hot-rodders but by nature and well-trained crews prepared and trained to do their duty in protecting the country. The SAC crews are flying their bombers under wartime conditions on the routine training missions which will be heard here for possibly the next two years, Col. King said.

Sidewalk Days

The third annual Sidewalk Days will be presented Friday and Saturday in downtown Petoskey, Bea Russell, chairman of the Petoskey Regional Chamber of Commerce retail board said.
Kiddie rides will be in operation in the Pennsylvania Park all week and all merchants are urged to pick up their ride coupons at either the chamber offices or the information booth.
Mrs. Russell stated that she has every hope that the third annual event will be by far the largest and best ever. Merchandise will be of bargain nature and everything from thimbles to plowshares will be on the sidewalks.

Players tops at bridge

Top winners in Tuesdays duplicate bridge game at the Wequetonsing Hotel were Mrs. Fred Rose and Mrs. Fred W. Zipp of Petoskey for the East-West teams and Mrs. Anna Lepper and Harry Doud of Burt Lake for the North/South teams.
The duplicate bridge tournament is each Tuesday evening at 8 p.m. at the Wequestonsing Hotel.

Now playing ...

Advertised films shown in Petoskey are PT 109, the true story of Lt. John F. Kennedys incredible adventure in the South Pacific at the Hollywood and Bye Bye Birdie, starring Janet Leigh, Dick VanDyke, Ann Margaret, Maureen Stapleton and Bobby Ridell at the Temple Theater. The Lyric Theatre in Harbor Springs offered Gypsy with Rosalind Russell and Natalie Wood.

Fish contest winners
Bob Greenway caught the largest fish, a 12-inch bass, in the fishing contest at Petoskey recreation Boys Day Camp.

Scott Featherly landed a 10-inch bass for second prize. A third place tie resulted as Chuck Wagar caught a 5-inch rock bass and Jim Turk and Bob Manville caught sunfish, all 5 inches in length.

Boom shatters glass
Resulting from a direct hit by a sonic boom, Little Traverse Hospital lost two sections of glass, of which shattered completely in the laboratory. Bentley Frederick, president of Little Traverse Hospital Association, filed a formal complaint this week with the Air Force, alleging that the booms are a nuisance and discomforting to the patients, especially those in serious or critical condition.

Tannery buildings razed




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