100 Years Ago

Way west

In the Times Briefs there were medical warnings:

"Typhoid Fever Season. Boil the water. Eat only ripe fruit.

Further, now, a rat has been found in Philadelphia infected with Bubonic Plague. Swat the rat."

In the Lisbon social column:

"Miss Agnes Flaherty of Baltimore, was a week end guest of friends in the neighborhood.

"Mr. Edward Doherty returned to Baltimore after spending his vacation with his father near here.

"Mr. Walter Black spent Saturday and Sunday with his parents near here.

"Miss Edna Hobbs and Mr. Harrison Mullinix, spent Sunday with friends and relatives in Baltimore."

In the Elkridge social column:

"Mrs. Thomas MacGuire and her two small sons, Thomas, Jr. and William are the guests of relatives near Ellicott City.

"Mrs. E.K. Herold has returned from a visit of several weeks to Mrs. W. M. McCauley, of Baltimore.

Mrs. T.E. Sherlock and daughter, Miss Freda Sherlock, left last week for the West, where they will be the guests of Mrs. Sherlock's father, at Zanesville, Ohio."

Oh my, way out West to the wilds of Ohio! If Ohio was "the West," I wonder what they called Colorado, Montana and Arizona; maybe "Way West."

Though, to put this in perspective, until that year, 1912, Arizona and New Mexico were still territories and there were scattered American Indian "uprisings" in the "Way West" up until 1923.

75 Years Ago

Tacking to New York

From the Lisbon social column:

"Mrs. Charles Flynn of Washington, N.C., spent Sunday with Mrs. G.W. Ridgely and Mr. Ridgely.