Opening Statement/Injury Report: Tracy Porter (knee), did not participate. Scott Fujita (knee), did not participate. Jabari Greer ( groin), Tuesday in Philadelphia he went ahead and had the sports hernia procedure done. We weighed it versus him coming back and playing through it. We felt like there was enough time with the schedule. We're going to list him as out for this game and our hopes are we can have him back by Carolina so he can be 100 percent rather than play through the sports hernia. He's out. Marvin Mitchell (hamstring) did not participate. Jermon Bushrod (thumb) was limited. Jahri Evans (toe) limited. Bobby McCray (back), limited. Mike Bell (knee) did not participate today. Lynell Hamilton (shoulder) was limited. Jon Vilma (knee) limited. Pierre Thomas (quad), limited. Jonathan Goodwin (ankle), limited. Usama Young (hip and calf), limited. Lance Moore (hamstring and ankle), limited. Randall Gay (hamstring), limited. Sedrick Ellis (knee) was limited. Darnell Dinkins (foot) was limited. Reggie Bush (knee) was limited and then Jeremy Shockey (hamstring) was limited. Most of the work was third down.

Q: With Greer, did his condition come to a point where surgery was a necessity?

A: What happened is all of a sudden, you hit a plateau. The feeling was after four weeks it wasn't getting any better. We went that route. We spent time with the player, weighing all the options. Playing through it or there's enough time here where we're at in week 12 to get him back. The procedure went well Tuesday. (Dr. William) Myers was optimistic and that's kind of the route we went.

Q: Is that the best case scenario?

A: I think it's a realistic scenario and so that's what went into the decision, the time left in the season and where we're at and I think all parties felt let's go ahead and do this now and start the rehab. He'll be back here in the facility tomorrow.

Q: How much does his value to the team impact the decision to not put him on injured reserve?

A: That wasn't in the decision-making process. It was going to be, playing through it and going ahead and play or getting this thing done and being back in time for the regular season and postseason.

Q: With the undefeated talk and talk about the possibility of a perfect season, how do you keep everybody focused?

A: I think our players do a good job of really just focusing on the next game. I think they have all season, so I think that's really where our focus has been. We understand the challenge we have in going to Atlanta, a team that under Mike Smith has played very well at home. It's a team that played us well the last time on Monday night and did a lot of things better in that game than we did. They have a lot of turnovers. They had more big plays. They had outrushed us, hurried the quarterback, sacked the quarterback more, so it's a team that we know we're going to have to play real good football to beat. Our focus is just on the next game.

Q: Do you worry about your team thinking about being perfect?

A: No, our focus is on Atlanta.

Q: Can you discuss the diagnosis of Jabari Greer's injury?

A: The challenge always with the groin is that it's initially a groin and oftentimes it's just a groin and then sometimes the groin becomes better and better and there's still some pain and that's kind of where it went. You're always hoping to shorten that window, but I think ultimately the decision to do it, was with the feeling that there's enough time left here.

Q: Who discovered the sports hernia. Did you send him to Philadelphia earlier for evaluation?

A: You start with your diagnosis here. One of the things that begins to concern you is that you've hit a plateau. Generally when they go to Myers, the athlete's at a point where they kind of hit a plateau and so, the same guy who's done Vilma and Shockey is the guy who's done the procedure.

Q: Did he see Dr. Myers for the first time?

A: That was his first trip and when you go there, there's a good chance you're going to have it done.

Q: Are you guys doing everything to make sure that there are not a lot of sports hernia injuries on the team?

A: With Jammal (Brown), his was different. It was more serious than that. It was the hip that put him on I/R. With (Jeremy) Shockey, with (Jonathan) Vilma, you can play through them. You weigh the position, what he's having to do and the time left and I think we felt confident that there's time. I know the procedure went well. It went smooth.