Opening Statement:

"After just leaving the training room, by and large I'm pretty optimistic as to how we came out of the game yesterday. I mentioned the hamstring with Malcolm Jenkins, and I think it's fairly mild which is good. A number of these guys will be here throughout the week with treatment and we'll start back up in the later part of the week and wait to see through the weekend who the opponent is. We know it's one of three teams and then we'll set our schedule for next week."

Are you comfortable you can correct the mistakes and re-create the first 13 games of the year?

"I think what's most important is winning, rather than trying to re-create anything. The most important job for us is to win and I think we had a good week of work last week. This same formula we used in '06. I liked how we practiced Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. We'll have a number of practices leading up to this game and I think our players will be ready. What's most important is how you play in the postseason and we're looking forward to the challenge."

Is it helpful to have your playoff opponent narrowed down to three teams?

"I think it helps. It's different than the bye week in the regular season where you know who you're playing. When it's one of three teams, you can begin the statistical breakdowns on all three of those teams and get through the busy work that has to be done on the computers prior to the weekend. It's obviously the norm when you're the one-seed; you're playing four, five or six."

How many days off will the players have this week?

"They're in today and then the middle portion of the week they'll be down. We'll practice twice Saturday and practice twice Sunday and all of that will be closed. We won't be back up until Wednesday of next week with the media with our normal routine going into a regular game. It would be Wednesday with a Sunday game and it would be Tuesday with a Saturday game. We'll set the schedule for next week once we know."

How has Jonathan Goodwin played as a leader of the offensive line?

"He has been steady. He replaced Jeff (Faine) a couple of years back and he's smart. He's a guy that does a great job of making the calls with (Drew) Brees and getting everybody on the same page. He's very consistent. He can play through some nicks – he has all year with an ankle – and he's a tough guy. I think he has done a real good job of really working with not just the guards but the collective unit as a whole in regards to communication and he has been a big reason for the consistency there."

Have your struggles defending the run been tied to the health of the secondary?

"When you get nicked up, you try to get your guys healthy and get your guys on the field. There's probably a combination of a lot of things and I think when we get ready to start the playoffs, we'll be ready to defend the run well. Aside from the big run yesterday – and obviously that's a long run – I thought we tackled well. I thought guys hustled to the ball, guys that were called in on roles that they hadn't played a lot this year. I think they'll be excited about the challenge."

Do you feel this team will be about as healthy as you've been recently going into the playoff game?

"I think we have a chance to be. Jabari (Greer) was back yesterday; I think Pierre (Thomas) is going to back; Usama (Young) has a real good chance of being back; I know Sedrick (Ellis) and Jeremy Shockey could have played yesterday along with Jonathan Vilma. We should be as healthy as we have been in the last month-and-a-half."

How would you evaluate your backup quarterback situation? Do you anticipate making changes there before the 2010 season?

"We're focused on 2009 right now. We're not focused on 2010 at 8:30 on Monday morning."

Are you pleased with where you are at that position?


What is the thought process behind two-a-days on Saturday and Sunday?