Q: Is Lance Moore's injury a lingering one?

A: It's two things - it's his ankle and he has a hamstring that's nagging him right now. The type of ankle (injury) he had was fairly significant. He's doing well with the rehab. It's just not ready yet. We'll keep working him.

Q: Can you talk about the situation in Washington where Jim Zorn does not call plays anymore?

A: I can't speculate or speak for Jim or their situation because I'm unfamiliar with it. It's a decision they made as a team. They're past that and gone forward and gotten into a routine and certainly playing well with that in place. Not knowing any of the dynamics it'd be hard to speculate.

Q: Is it hard to have play-calling duties taken away?

A: I can't envision. I think each club is different how it's laid out and how it's set up. It's really kind of unprecedented, I think to some extent, if you're talking about a head coach. I think it might be the first time it has ever happened.

Q: Has their offense changed through that process?

A: We see some nuances that are different, but there's a ton of work you have in offensively in training camp and the offseason. If whoever is calling the plays is different, there might be some sort of a change. But nonetheless, there are still some core principles and beliefs that you have to be able to run. I think they've got a good coaching staff and each week you see a good, solid plan put together on both sides of the ball.

Q: Have you been transitioning to get some guys with injuries with rest when they might physically be able to play?

A: I don't' think right now that has come up. That hasn't been an issue at all. Down the road that's something possibly that could come up. Right now there are still a good five games, which is a lot I think. I think that becomes a better question in Week 15 and 16. There has never really been a scenario where we chose not to play a person and we felt he was ready. If we're not playing somebody this weekend, we don't feel like he's ready to play. We're trying to get our healthy guys up and going and ready and outside of that, doing everything necessary to get the injured players ready.

Q: Can you talk about what kind of workout you will do tomorrow?

A: Tomorrow we'll do more than what we'd normally do on a Saturday. Normally we'd have a half hour walk through. Tomorrow will be more like an hour.

Q: Are you happy with the condensed week?

A: Yes, so far it's worked well. We've had two good work days. It still forces you to have a major installation tomorrow. Normally you have everything installed by now today, but the tradeoff has been worth it.

Q: Are you worried about your defensive coordinator going against his former team?

A: He did a good job in Buffalo. I've said this before that there's such a transient part to our league with players and coaches that I think it was a bigger deal ten years ago. You could pick any game and there are two players on that former roster, (Pierson) Prioleau, (Mark) Brunell. A week ago we had three or four Patriot players. I just think that's more a part of our game than it was years ago.