Trey Millard isn’t your typical fullback.

He can run. He can block and he can catch the football out of the backfield.

All of those traits have made him an incredible asset for Bob Stoops and the Oklahoma Sooners. Last season, Millard had career highs in rushing yards (170), receptions (29) and receiving yards (331) while tying a career-high with four total touchdowns.

Rather than leave school early for the NFL, Millard will be back to help the Sooners in 2013.

The Sentinel caught up with Millard by telephone during spring practice this month and he talked about playing fullback, why he chose to return to Oklahoma instead of the NFL and his friendship with quarterback Blake Bell. Here’s part of that conversation:

Q: What is your focus in spring ball?

Trey Millard: For me, it’s just working on my blocking. For the team, we have a lot of new coaches and new schemes, things that we have to get more comfortable with that.

Q: You’re not your traditional fullback. Where do you think your game fits into the offense?

TM: The coaches put me in a lot of good positions. They move me around to help create mismatches and things like that. They just put me in a lot of spots to make plays or to help block to free up guys to make plays.

Q: What position would you like to play when you move to the NFL?

TM: Obviously, it just depends on where I go. I think I can do both [fullback and running back] of those things. Even if it’s not a full running back, like some secondary blocking, I think I can do that at the next level.

Q: You decided to return to Oklahoma for your senior season, what was the decision like for you and was it a difficult one?

TM: It was definitely a difficult one. It’s a decision that you want to have – blessed to have – and coming back was definitely the right choice. I  just wanted to come back and play with the guys – the guys from my draft class – and finish my degree and become a better football player.

Q: You and quarterback Blake Bell both came to the program at the same time. Did you develop a friendship and how has that help you both?

TM: We’re roommates, actually. We are just really comfortable with each other. Whether it’s in practice or talking about stuff off the field … we are on the same page a lot. We don’t take criticisms from each other the wrong way because we know we’re both competitive guys just trying to go out there and make plays.

Q: I read somewhere you started out playing soccer and didn’t pick up football until eighth grade. What drew you to the sport?

TM: I was playing up on the soccer team and all the kids that I played with, went to play on the high school team and I really didn’t have a team to play with so my step-dad advised it [playing football] and pushed it and got me in there. The rest is history. [Laughs] I do like playing [soccer] and I’ll be out on the football field sometimes and just kicking around and doing fun things like that.

Q: You made a couple of plays last year that were instant YouTube classics – leaping over Texas defender for example – do you ever go back and watch them?

TM: A little bit, but at the same time it’s kind of like having that confidence in yourself that you know you can make those plays. It is like a great feeling to go back and watch those plays and just knowing that it was one of those memorable plays that sticks in everyone’s minds.

Q: How do you unwind from football?

TM: I really love movies. I try and go see as many as possible. I just started drawing and trying to be an artist. I’m pretty average, but I like to do that as well. 

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