Ticked off! @merging drivers

I am ticked! You people merging have plenty of time to either slow down, speed up, or stop until there is an opening for you. Wait and enter at the dashed line.

I'm ticked off at the person who thinks medical research has now advised that supplements are useless. That is because it is cutting into their profit margin. Wake up. Folks are getting a lot smarter about health, nutrition, supplements, herbal remedies, etc., which steps on the medical professions toes. Let truth prevail.

I'm ticked off at the clown that decided to simultaneously eliminate parking spots on Church Street between Magnolia and Rosalind while making it a two way street. My two-year-old son has a higher IQ than this clown!

I'm ticked off that a person thinks no one else in the world has aches, pains, mishaps in their life, or a life history, and maybe if she actually helps someone else, like using her beautiful voice to read to the elderly, she could stop thinking so much about her own misfortune.

I'm ticked off that after answering "the call" of the public several years ago, to teach, I am currently unemployed. I took a second mortgage on my house, to pay to go back to grad school. I worked with students, substituted, took crappy teaching positions, had good reviews and a local county will not hire me back!

The flip side

Thanks to the cashiers, waiters and waitresses giving of their time and patience who are on the "front line" to make our holidays merry.





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Baltimore Sun newspaper on Dec. 29, 2013.
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