A reader of the late Chain Gang blog tipped me off to vandalism at Soldiers Creek Mountain Bike Trail behind Soldiers Creek Park near Longwood. Someone destroyed many bridges and planking through wet areas. For a photo gallery of the destruction, click here. This is not some rogue trail but one sanctioned by Seminole County and maintained by volunteers. In blog posts at Reddit.com, the trail custodian says six bridges are destroyed or gone, the entrances are closed with caution tape, and there is evidence a nearby resident is to blame. Volunteers plan to rebuild. Apparently there has been ongoing friction between mountain bikers and at least one trail neighbor. The papers scattered on the bridges' remnants apparently state that bridges shouldn't be built on the property, which, if it's county property, bridges are fine if authorized. Trail supporter Andrew Dale has created a page to let people donate to rebuild. You can find it by clicking here. If you have tips on who might be to blame, call the Seminole Sheriff's Office at 407-665-6600 or send an anonymous tip by clicking here. Thanks to drewrox for the image.