The Sunday morning talk shows will find a lot to talk about in the Washington controversies over the IRS, the Department of Justice and the Benghazi attack.

White House senior adviser Dan Pfeiffer will talk to NBC's "Meet the Press," CNN's "State of the Union," "Fox News Sunday," CBS' "Face the Nation" and ABC's "This Week."

The rest of the Sunday guest lineup:

Sen. Mitch McConnell visits "Meet the Press" at 9 a.m. on WESH-Channel 2. Former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld promotes the book "Rumsfeld Rules." Rep. Dave Camp, R-Mich., discusses the IRS and then joins a panel discussion. The rest of the panel: Bob Woodward of The Washington Post, Peggy Noonan of The Wall Street Journal and Rep. Xavier Becerra, D-Calif.

Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., visits "Fox News Sunday" at 10 a.m. on WOFL-Channel 35. The panel will be Brit Hume, Karl Rove, Dennis Kucinich and Kirsten Powers of The Daily Beast. The program also features attorneys Victoria Toensing and Joseph diGenova, who are spouses and law partners.

"This Week" starts at 11 a.m. on WFTV-Channel 9. The guests include Sen. Bob Menendez, D-N.J.; Sen. Rob Portman, R-Ohio; Rep. Tom Price, R-Ga.; and Rep. Charles Rangel, D-N.Y. The panel will be George Will, ABC's Jeff Zeleny, Katrina vanden Heuvel of The Nation, Ron Fournier of National Journal and White House correspondent April Ryan of American Urban Radio Networks.

"Face the Nation" starts at 10:30 a.m. on WKMG-Channel 6. The other guests are Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas; Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah; and Gary Pruitt, president and CEO of The Associated Press. The panel will be Dan Balz of The Washington Post, Lois Romano of Politico, David Sanger of The New York Times and John Dickerson of CBS.

Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., talks to "State of the Union" at 9 a.m. and noon. A panel on politics brings together Democratic strategist Donna Brazile, Republican strategist Ana Navarro, Susan Page of USA Today and CNN's Jessica Yellin.