Oprah Winfrey is so spectacular at public relations that her methods should be taught in schools.

When Winfrey gets behind something, she promotes it with relentless enthusiasm. In recent weeks, she has put "Lee Daniels' The Butler" on everyone's radar. She has drawn glowing reviews for her performance as the butler's alcoholic wife. The New York Times says that "in addition to being the most famous and powerful woman in the world, she is a fine character actor." The Kansas City Star calls her "a terrific actress." She helped make "The Butler" No. 1 at the box office this weekend.

Winfrey has done a steady job of promoting her interview with Lindsay Lohan, which will air at 9 p.m. Sunday on "Oprah's Next Chapter." That program airs on OWN, Oprah's very own cable channel, which is doing just fine after a rocky start. Oprah also has gotten the word out about the OWN turnaround. Winfrey knows how to multi-task when it comes to P.R.

When Winfrey goes on David Letterman's show to talk about meditation, she can laugh at herself and Letterman.

Winfrey is blessed with enemies who make her look better. Rush Limbaugh wasn't buying Winfrey's story that she faced discrimination on a shopping trip in Switzerland this summer. Limbaugh calls Winfrey "the Oprah." "We don't know that the sales person based her judgment on the Oprah's skin color," Limbaugh said. He asked: "Maybe it's because the Oprah's fat?"

Isn't it rich that Rush would call someone fat? With foes like that, you can count on gaining admirers.

Of the many series on OWN, I am fascinated by "Oprah: Where Are They Now?" at 10 p.m. Sundays. This series lets viewers catch up with guests from Winfrey's old daytime talk show.

Consider this Sunday's lineup, announced in an OWN preview: "'90's hunk Fabio talks about why he's never been married. Erin Brockovich, the single mom who brought down a billion-dollar company, reveals the downside of fame. 'Diff'rent Strokes' actor Todd Bridges talks about his past and fatherhood."

In recent weeks, "Where Are They Now" has caught up with "American Idol" alumni Justin Guarini and Ruben Studdard, Fab Morvan of Milli Vanilli, Danny Bonaduce of "The Partridge Family" and Marla Maples, an ex-wife of Donald Trump.

Oprah Winfrey will never be a subject for "Where Are They Now?" We're always going to know where she is, thanks to her.

And more power to her. She took her talents and made the most of them. Whether you like her style or not, that's a life lesson for everyone.

Oprah, the queen of public relations, also knows how to blow her own horn better than anyone. Let's face it: Most of us could take lessons from her on that one.