YouTube video of Jennifer Jo Cobb's hauler being stolen

A NASCAR driver was arrested for stealing another driver's hauler, but he says he's innocent.

Driver Mike Harmon was charged with taking the transporter of NASCAR Nationwide and Truck Series racer Jennifer Jo Cobb. She told the Rowan County (N.C.) Sheriff's office that Cobb and Sheila Rae Rice took her hauler, and arrest warrants were issued for the two for felony larceny and breaking and entering, The Associated Press reported.

Harmon, who was released on $10,000 bond Wednesday night, says the whole thing is “ridiculous.”

 “I’ve been around a long time and never stole so much as a piece of bubble gum. To be arrested for a felony is ridiculous,” Harmon told WBTV in Charlotte. “I did not take her hauler. I have never been to her shop.”

Harmon told the TV station that he was in Darlington, S.C., watching a friend race when Cobb’s hauler was stolen.

 “How they convinced the law to put a warrant out for me, I don’t know,” Harmon said.

WBTV reported that Harmon and Cobb have been involved in litigation in federal court over problems in the past. Watch the WBTV report here

 “People that know me know I didn’t do this. It’s ridiculous,” Harmon said. “I have nothing to gain.”

Watch the full WBTV report here.

Harmon posted on his Twitter account: “I did not take the JCC hauler, there is no video of me anywhere near her shop. Today she was the windshield & I was the bug, but when we get in FEDERAL court in a couple weeks there’s a boulder coming.”

This isn’t the first time Cobb has had an issue with something of her team being taken.

In February during Speedweeks in Daytona, Cobb reported that someone stole her team’s van after a promotional appearance at Ponce Inlet, the Daytona Beach News-Journal reporter.

The newspaper reported that “It turns out the van wasn't stolen but taken in an attempt to repossess it by a man with whom Cobb is involved in a civil dispute, according to a Ponce Inlet police report. …

“Cobb made a promotional appearance with her racing crew Wednesday night at Down the Hatch and discovered her team's van that had crew members' luggage and racing equipment inside was gone, according to the report. Cobb and 10 members of her crew filled out reports detailing what they had lost.”

Cobb old the AP that she just wants her hauler back so she can compete on Friday night in the NASCAR Truck Series race in Charlotte.

"It is my sole concern to get the transporter back so that we can make Friday night's NASCAR Camping World Truck Series race at Charlotte Motor Speedway," Cobb said. "We are working with other teams right now to borrow the necessary items in the event our hauler and its contents are not returned. We are pleased with the diligent work that the Rowan County Sheriff's Department has shown in solving this crime."



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