Want to see a Dwight Howard dunk? A Jameer Nelson pass? A Gilbert Arenas 3-pointer?

YouTube user GCMoss83 has got ya covered.

GCMoss83 has posted a 5-minute, 41-second highlight reel from Dwight Howard’s D12 All-Star Game, which drew about 8,000 people to UCF Arena. GCMoss83 did a really good job with it.

Some of the best highlights are: a Courtney Lee dunk (28 seconds in), a Brandon Bass dunk off of a great Jameer Nelson bounce pass (1:12), Howard taking Marcin Gortat off the dribble (1:48), Nelson hitting a 3 from almost halfcourt (2:10), Gortat going coast to coast (2:30), a Howard dunk off of a Nelson pass off the backboard (3:10), another Lee dunk (3:52) and Howard flubbing a dunk (4:00).

What’s your choice for the best highlight?