Former Orlando police chief Val Demings said Monday she's still not certain what her next political move would be, but a run for Orange County mayor is still a possibility.

"I'm considering all of my options, and running for mayor is one of them," Demings said.

Demings had been quiet about her future plans recently, fueling speculation she was no longer considering a jump into any race next year, either for mayor or another run at Congress.

Demings made her comments moments after starring in a press conference outside Election Supervisor Bill Cowles office. She blasted Gov. Rick Scott for what she and other critics see as a "voter purge" that ends up targeting mostly black and Hispanic residents in efforts to find ineleigible voters on the rolls.

By odd coincidence, as Demings walked out to meet the press, she ran into Bruce Jacobs. He's the husband of county Mayor Teresa Jacobs, the woman Demings may take on in 2014.

The two talked briefly, then Bruce Jacobs dropped off his wife's latest fund raising totals for the last reporting period. She's raised another $55,380, bringing her total overall to about $328,000.

Demings put a little fuel on every possible political fire, saying she may run for nothing next year, and merely be a private citizen and advocate for issues she cares about.

Yet Demings said she's also not concerned by the money Jacobs' is raising, and doesn't see entering the race in the coming months as a problem.

She also didn't flinch at knocking U.S. Rep. Dan Webster, the Winter Garden Republican she lost to last year in a close congressional contest. Webster has voted with other Republicans in the House who want passage of any federal budget to include measures that block Obamacare.

"Anyone who voted to shut down the government and adversly affect innocent people who had nothing to do with it, voted wrong," she said. "They're on the wrong side."

Recent liberal-group polling shows the issue may be hurting Webster