The casting of Charlie Hunnam for "Fifth Shades of Grey" sparked some strange commentary on the morning programs.

On ABC's "Good Morning America," Hunnam was described as an unknown.

Tell that to Hunnam's many fans from "Sons of Anarchy," which starts its sixth season next week on FX. Hunnam gives a strong performance as Jax, the leader of a biker gang. Jax has mother issues, wife issues and stepfather issues. Hunnam manages to be dynamic, sexy and conflicted.

On NBC's "Today," a woman in the street sniffed that Hunnam looked too grungy for the role of Christian Grey.

Well, Hunnam was sporting the full beard he wears on "Sons of Anarchy." He should clean up nicely for "Fifty Shades."

Hunnam's casting in the big-screen version of E.L. James best seller should do good things for "Sons of Anarchy," one of the most underrated dramas these days. The season premiere will be 10 p.m. next Tuesday on FX, and the first three episodes this season are fascinating and unsettling.

Hunnam's big-screen leading lady is Dakota Johnson, who starred in the Fox sitcom "Ben and Kate" last season. The daughter of Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith will tackle the role of Anastasia Steele. Griffith tweeted her delight at her daughter's casting.

Dakota Johnson was lovely on "Ben and Kate." Hunnam has been fine in a range of roles from the British series "Queer as Folk" to this summer's big-screen "Pacific Rim." 

The casting choices sound smart; now it's up to the director and screenwriter to deliver a project worthy of those actors.

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