Where does the standoff between CBS Corp. and Time Warner Cable stand?

In a release issued Monday, the CBS broadcast network sounds as if it's digging in. In a fight over retransmission fees, Time Warner on Friday afternoon blacked out the CBS-owned stations in New York, Los Angeles and Dallas.

In other markets, such as Central Florida, the blackout means that Showtime viewers can't see "Dexter" and "Ray Donovan." Showtime is owned by CBS Corp., and the Showtime lineup plays on Bright House Networks. Time Warner negotiates these deals for Bright House.

"We remain hopeful the negotiations will be resolved shortly," a Bright House spokesman said.


DirecTV released a statement supporting Time Warner: "Just like the characters in CBS' 'Under the Dome,' all pay TV customers are feeling trapped and helpless as broadcasters expect them to absorb ridiculous rate increases for the exact same programming. In trying to protect our own customers, DirecTV has certainly had its share of these battles, so we applaud Time Warner Cable for fighting back against exorbitant programming cost increases. We are also appalled to learn that CBS is now punishing DirecTV customers, who may happen to have Time Warner as their Internet provider, by denying them access to CBS content online. The conduct of content companies in their efforts to extract outrageous fees from distributors and consumers may have reached a new low."

Broadcaster CBS said the blackout's effect on its national average was "expected to be minimal." CBS put the effect through the first three nights at a 1 percent decline in ratings.

"August is traditionally one of the lowest months of the year for ratings and advertising revenue, making the overall financial impact of the blackout negligible," CBS said in the release. The broadcast network cited its "strong ratings growth this summer" and said the blackout "will not present an overall ratings hardship."

CBS also highlighted how well it was doing without Time Warner in New York, L.A. and Dallas. The network said its audience for the World Golf Bridgestone Invitational was up 150 percent in viewership Saturday and Sunday from a year ago. And Friday through Sunday, the late local news on the CBS stations in the three cities was up 9 percent in viewers from a week ago.

But in Central Florida, Bright House customers sure miss Dexter.