TALLAHASSEE -- They have been the most-asked questions during an increasingly busy summer in North Florida: What's new with Matthew Thomas? Is he coming to Florida State or not?

For what feels like the 18 millionth time, I'll answer those questions with the same response.

Not much is new to report. He still doesn't want to come to FSU. No, we have no idea if he'll end up here or not.

Until Thomas fails to show in Tallahassee this weekend when incoming freshmen football players arrive for orientation and the start of summer workouts, that's about the only way to answer those inquiries. For the time being, FSU doesn't appear inclined to let Thomas out of the letter-of-intent he signed to attend the university in February.

If FSU does let Thomas out of said letter, it could set up an ugly precedent in college recruiting (one that may have been set already depending upon who you ask): coaches would be forced to recruit players even after Signing Day comes and goes. Other high school seniors, the Seminoles and other universities fear, would be be able to change their minds if they don't feel comfortable with the school they signed with. Coaches would have to continue to politick for their schools, putting them at a disadvantage with respect to attempting to establish their next signing classes. To that end, it could be an unecessary distraction.

By any chance if you thought college football recruiting was bad now, just wait.

So, for that reason, FSU has to stand pat. That's even while Thomas, the five-star linebacker from Miami's Booker T. Washington High, tells ESPN.com through his father that he wants to go to Southern Cal instead of FSU.

"He made a decision for himself. It's USC," Billy Thomas told ESPN.com's Joe Schad on Monday.

Those comments echo similar sentiments made by Matthew Thomas earlier in an interview with the Miami Herald earlier this spring. The outside linebacker told the newspaper that he wasn't planning on signing with FSU until Signing Day itself. His mother, who has been out of the country the last couple of months, wanted him to stay in the state and go to FSU.

He wanted to do right by mom. So on ESPNU's live, televised Signing Day special, Matthew Thomas announced he was going to FSU this fall. The Seminoles received his letter of intent. It was official.

In the months since, he has had an apparent change of heart. Billy Thomas, who told ESPN.com that he was separated from Matthew's mother, said his son has reevaluated his stance on USC.

"He's more excited now," Billy Thomas said. "It's about tradition. And surroundings. And excitement."

FSU doesn't believe that's enough of a compelling reason to let him out of his scholarship.

"No disrespect to Florida State but Matthew is willing to take the punishment if there is one," Billy Thomas said in the report. "He's hoping [FSU coach] Jimbo [Fisher] will let him go."

Fisher has declined to speak publicly about the situation.

"Don't pull teeth that aren't loose," Billy Thomas added. "I know it's tough for Jimbo and Florida State. They thought they caught the big fish. But I think they ought to just release him."

Matthew Thomas was rated as the No. 6 player in the country in the 2013 signing class, according to ESPN Recruiting Nation. He also was the highest-rated player the Seminoles signed.¿

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