Good news to all Sheldon Cooper fans out there: "The Big Bang Theory" will start its seventh season with one hour on Sept. 26.

That shift means that "The Millers," a comedy with Will Arnett and Beau Bridges, will debut a week later on Oct. 3.

Most CBS series will begin their seasons the week of Sept. 23, the official start of the season. "Survivor" is one exception: It begins with a 90-minute episode on Wednesday, Sept. 18.

CBS will present the Emmys on Sept. 22.

Then the premieres begin. "How I Met Your Mother" opens its ninth and final season with one hour on Sept. 23. Then CBS presents the third-season premiere of "2 Broke Girls," the series premiere of "Mom" with Anna Faris and Allison Janney, and the series debut of "Hostages" with Toni Collette and Dylan McDermott. (The sitcom "We Are Men" with Tony Shalhoub debuts a week later on Sept. 30.)

"NCIS," the most popular series last season, starts its 11th season on Sept. 24. "NCIS: Los Angeles" begins its fifth, and "Person of Interest" rolls out its third-season premiere.

On Sept. 25, "Criminal Minds" starts its ninth season, and "CSI" begins its 14th.

Sept. 26 opens with that one-hour "Big Bang Theory." The series premiere of "The Crazy Ones" with Robin Williams airs at 9. "Two and a Half Men" begins its 11th season, and "Elementary" starts its second.

Friday, Sept. 27, will have the premieres of "Undercover Boss" (fifth season), "Hawaii Five-O" (fourth season) and "Blue Bloods" (fourth).

On Sept. 28, "48 Hours" begins its 26th season.

On Sept. 29, CBS starts the 46th season of "60 Minutes," the most successful series in prime-time history. "The Amazing Race" begins its 23rd edition. "The Good Wife" starts its fifth season, and "The Mentalist" will be back for its sixth.

Here's a viewer warning: "Hostages" is, to my mind, CBS' best new series. I enjoyed "Mom" for the wonderful acting of Faris and Janney. "The Millers" deserves a look for the knockout work by Emmy-winner Margo Martindale. But "We Are Men" is pretty weak, and "The Crazy Ones" may be the biggest disappointment of the fall.