It appears fans can add Boca Raton and the Bahamas as possible postseason bowl destinations.

That’s because ESPN’s Brett McMurphy is reporting that the two destination vacation spots are close to becoming the host sites for two new bowl games starting in 2014. McMurphy announced the news via Twitter when he tweeted out, “C-USA will play in new bowl games in Bahamas & Boca Raton, sources told @ESPN. That's at least 38 bowls in 2014.”

With Monday’s news that ESPN was creating a new bowl game that will take place in Montgomery, Ala., in December, that means there will be 38 bowl games in 2014.

I’ve railed on the point that I believe we’ve already reached the tipping point when it comes to too many bowl games in the current college football landscape. The average attendance for these games reached its lowest point last season in more than three decades when according to’s Jon Solomon, college football saw a two percent decline in attendance for a second straight year.

No game best represented that more than the Sugar Bowl, which featured a match-up between Florida and Louisville, only drew 54,178 fans. That was the lowest attendance for an event that has been around since 1939.

Meanwhile television ratings continue to climb with ESPN winning the day thanks to owning the broadcast rights for most of the bowl games.

I understand that more teams – there will be 125 FBS teams in 2013 – equals the need for more bowl opportunities. That being said, there were only 72 teams that qualified for bowl games in 2013 with several conferences like the Big Ten and SEC, unable to fill their bowl tie-ins.

Money is a major factor among these decisions, but it’s also a reason that some of these games won’t be able to survive in the coming years. It just seems to me a case of too much, too soon. 


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