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Newly-inducted Pro Football Hall of Famer Warren Sapp will was slated to headline a fundraiser for Orange County Commission candidate Carol Johnson in their hometown of Apopka Tuesday, but a campaign spokesman said it's been canceled.

Johnson is hoping the event can propel her to the front of a trails a crowded pack running for the District 2 seat that Commissioner Fred Brummer is leaving behind next year due to term limits.

Currently, the Democrat has raised only $3,405, and she's running far back in the donor dollar race, which state Rep. Bryan Nelson, R-Apopka, leads with about $39, 500. Eatonville City Council member Alvin Moore, a Democrat, is second, with about half that much raised so, far.

Johnson's campaign could have got get a boost from Sapp, who gained wider notoriety as a runner-up to Brooke Burke on Dancing With the Stars seventh season.

In her  biography, Carol says she's on the boards of the Homes In Partnership and The Center for Drug Free Living Arthur Jackson Midnight Basketball Committee.

Here's more details on the event.

Two other candidates in the race include Patricia Rumph and Gregory Allen Jackson.

A Johnson campaign official said the event ran into scheduling conflicts, and has not been re-scheduled.