From May 28, 2007

DEAR BRIAN:Now that coach Hill is out, do you think that the Magic is ready to get a high caliber coach? I mean so far Magic haven't spent that much in getting a good coach, and to hire a coach that can take the Magic to a new level might be expensive, good coaches are a hard to find specie as good free agents this summer, but the Magic in the last years haven't spent a lot of money in getting good coaches, they prefered to get coaches from the house instead of trying to get one that has good reputation around the league. Do you think the Magic shoud get a coach with a winning record at any cost?

David Riveros, Lima, Peru, South America

DAVID: The Magic, for some reason, have this rap of being a frugal franchise. That's not the case. While they are a small market and have lost money over the past few years, they paid $5 million seasons for Chuck Daly and Doc Rivers. They paid Brian Hill at least $3 million. Depends on the coaches' resume. I don't expect them to scrimp on a coach, no. Brian

From May 14, 2007

DEAR BRIAN: I have followed the Magic since day one. There was a time when all the fans knew they were trying to better the team on a constant basis. Draft picks, mid season trades, etc. But the last few years my interest has wained big time. It is like the owners don's care anymore. At one time they were trying to be champion calibre, where as now, they seem content to be bogged doen in mediocrocrity. The team has gotten worse every year for a number of years now, including some of the worst trades and management hire in the league. Will they ever get their swagger back?

Alex Abrams, Maitland

ALEX: Well, hard to argue with any of your points about some of the Magic's decisions. I think landing Dwight Howard is a way to re-start any franchise. They have to build around him. And this summer, with all their salary-cap room and flexibility, they need to add another big piece. Brian

DEAR BRIAN: How does Grant Hill feel about being the next Orlando Magic coach?

Nikola Jellacic, Zagreb, Croatia

NIKOLA: I can assure you that coaching is the last thing Grant would ever consider. Maybe becoming a GM one day, but not having to deal with players. Brian

DEAR BRIAN: What is going to happen with Carlos Arroyo next season with the Magic and what is Brain Hill opinion about his performance?

Miguel Vilches, Puerto Rico

MIGUEL: Carlos had an up and down season. He started and finished strong, but in between fell out of favor with Coach Hill. He didn't shoot the ball well or run the offense the way Hill wanted it. He could be on the trade block. Brian

DEAR BRIAN: So if we call your recent blog post about Brian Hill's silence speaking volumes an accurate assessment, where do we look for a new coach? Can we even consider Musselman after our since departed hockey GM essentially stated he wanted this guy instead of Hill? I've read rumblings that maybe we consider Darryl Armstrong, who hasn't quite completed the Indiana Pacers equivalent to the Don-Nelson-Head-Coach-To-Be Mentorship Program that Avery Johnson got. I think I'd like to see Paul Westhead get a shot. I don't what bridges this guy burned to find himself coaching in the WNBA, but he was one of the originators of the run-and-gun offense, he had us as a top 5 offensive team back in the Steve Francis/Johnny Davis days, and if we can keep up the Brian Hill defensive philosophy seems intriguing. Any thoughts?

Greg Garrett, Tallahassee

GREG: It's hard to speculate since Brian Hill is still the coach, but there are names out there: Billy Donovan, Larry Brown, Rick Adelman, Rick Carlisle, Mike Fratello, Stan Van Gundy. Can't see Eric Musselman coming here. Brian