The Hooker Day Parade

The Hooker Day Parade (Promotional Photo / October 16, 2012)

It's hard to tell sometimes if a parade is an actual pride-of-purpose event or just another reason to get sh*tfaced. Hartford's annual Hooker Day Parade, taking place this Saturday, certainly has adherents who like to throw down. But lest we forget the history: Thomas Hooker started something good when, in 1635, he ditched Cambridge, Mass. and led his tiny congregation down the Mass Pike and I-84 (not quite as congested then) to our humble, inland burg. In 1991, Mayor Mike Peters revived Hooker's pub crawl; it lasted 10 years before falling apart. Then, in 2008, the Hartford Business Improvement District and restored the Hooker Day Parade to its rightful spot as one of the city's signature events, hopefully for good, as a day to celebrate mimes (pictured), costumed idiots, freaks and bizarre floats. (If you need a few tips on how to dress, there's even a style guide on So go, hang out, have fun and help keep Hartford weird. As any major mime will tell you (or maybe act it out): what happens at the Hooker Day Parade, stays on everybody's Facebook page forever.

2012 Hooker Day Parade

Oct. 20, 2-4 p.m., Downtown Hartford,