Emily Woodward: Baker at Get Baked in Windsor

Emily Woodward: Baker at Get Baked in Windsor (Kerri Provost / September 11, 2013)

Name: Emily Woodward
Age: 33
Occupation: Baker
Found at: Get Baked in Windsor


Best adventures you've been on? I had a really bad day working in a factory, went home, and checked out a temp job website. They e-mailed me within a week and I quickly packed up and went to Antarctica. I worked three [of their] winters there as a dishwasher, general assistant, baker's assistant, and hydroponic greenhouse technician. There's a lot of red tape because it's a government job, but I really liked the people. I worked in a mining town with a close-knit community. Everyone knows your name, who's sleeping with who, who spit in whose drink. I've been to New Zealand like six times. I went to Tonga. It's a Third World country with Peace Corps volunteers and no electricity, but I swam with humpback whales. I've been to Europe, Israel. I've traveled a whole bunch.

Why did you start a bakery? I wanted to create a positive environment where families could come. I knew the space was available. It's fantastic. I went to school for Theater and Voice. With the bakery, I still get to be artistic.

What are the job rewards? We make everything from scratch, and people really enjoy what they're eating. I work with people who are nut-free, dairy-free. A woman said she drove from Springfield for vegan stuff!

Job challenges? Trying to meet different dietary restrictions, we went through a lot of failures. Too wet. Too dry. It's a lot of test kitchen.

Favorite cooking shows? "Baking with Julia." Old school. The new stuff is too showy.

Best meal ever? Just one? This is hard. Shawarma or falafel in Jerusalem or Indian food in New Zealand. They have the best mango chicken I've ever had.