Pien Huang, Project Manager for a sculptor. (Kerri Provost photo / July 24, 2013)

Name: Pien Huang
Age: 29
Occupation: Project Manager for a sculptor
Found at: Hartford


Most Challenging Aspect of Job?

I don't have a background in art, so learning to think visually. I'm learning that there's a real point to art and am realizing the value of the visual. The work environment here is really great!

Best Adventure You've Been On?

I spent a year traveling after college on a fellowship doing science expeditions. I was interested in science journalism. I dug in an archaeological dig in Jordan. I caught frogs in Cameroon. When I was in Borneo I got to see mass fruiting. Every five or six years all the trees drop fruits at the same time. The guys there would go out and have to fight the elephants for durian, which smells really foul but tastes really good.

If You Could Live Anywhere Else, Where?

I live in Cambridge, Massachusetts now, but I'd like to live abroad, maybe in the Borneo rainforests. That's the most lush Jurassic Park landscape you can imagine.

Last Meal On Earth?

Fiddleheads and stinky tofu. These are things that I sometimes crave but never get.

What Projects Are You Working On?

I'm working on a science fiction radio play with friends. Hopefully we'll be ready to preview in a week. I'm working on a children's book with Bradley Campbell and learning to draw.

What Advice Would You Give Your 19-year-old Self?

I'd tell myself to be less analytical, but I think I had to still go through it to learn not to think so much.