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Xiuzhen (Jenny) Lin of Tamarind Malaysian and Thai Cuisine in Wethersfield (Melissa Byron photo / June 20, 2012)

Xiuzhen (Jenny) Lin
found at: Tamarind Malaysian and Thai Cuisine (Wethersfield)

What cocktails do you suggest if someone is unsure what to order?

First I ask if they like sweet drinks, dry drinks or fruity drinks, and then I make suggestions. The White Lotus martini is the most popular. It's refreshing, very easy to drink. For people who like stronger drinks I suggest the mango martini. On Wednesday nights I make a surprise sample shot. These are not on the menu. It's just me experimenting to see what people like.

What is the most common question you get asked?

People ask me what country I'm from (I'm from China) and how long I've been here. They compliment me on my English.

What cocktails or spirits are popular in Thailand and Malaysia that are served here in this bar?

The lychee fruit, pineapple and mango are in many Thai and Malaysian dishes so we try to incorporate those flavors into the cocktails. We have a ginger martini which has vodka, Cognac Canton ginger liquor and lemon juice. We want our cocktails to complement our dishes.

What was the most difficult thing to learn about bartending?

Remembering all the different types of drinks here. Bartending in China is very different from here. There are so many drinks that I had never heard of here but I tried them. I'm a fast learner.

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