Bridgeport Arts Festival

Bridgeport Arts Festival (Promotional Photo / June 6, 2012)

Last year, the Bridgeport Arts Fest really hit its stride. Thousands roamed the streets of downtown Bridgeport taking in the sounds of local bands, eating a variety of locally-made foods and buying art directly from its creators, many of whom live and/or work down the street in the Read's Artspace. Or the American Fabrics building. Or Gallery 305K. The days of cracking jokes at Bridgeport are officially over. (And I've cracked quite a few myself, though as a Bridgeport-native I can do that.) If you're an artist in Southwestern Connecticut, Bridgeport is where you'll find the resources you need. And you can see for yourself what all those artists-in-the-know have been up to all year. The exact lineup is still being solidified, but head to to get the very latest info.


Bridgeport Arts Fest

July 7, 10 a.m.-10 p.m. Free. McLevy Green, Broad & Main sts., Bridgeport.

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