"Being a police officer was in my blood," former Fairfield cop Nicholas Vanghele told a state Superior Court. "My mother was a probation officer, my brother is a police officer. I always felt I would go out in a body bag with honors." Instead, on Oct. 21, 2009, Vanghele was caught peeping into the window of a fellow officer's home to ogle his wife. After an internal investigation, Vanghele was given a choice: resign or be fired. He resigned and went on to start a house-flipping business and a modeling career. Now, he is suing the Town of Fairfield, claiming he should have been allowed to retire on disability, with 66 percent of his salary, because his actions were supposedly the result of alcohol and prescription drug addiction that stemmed from a work-related injury, reports the Connecticut Post. An attorney for the town noted that, despite now claiming to be disabled at the time, Vanghele played on the department softball team. "But I really sucked," the former officer said in his defense.

Residents of the Hartford neighborhood of Frog Hollow witnessed the surreal sight of a century-old building buckling under its own weight. A large bulge had formed in a brick wall, and the chimney shaft began to tilt. Soon bricks fell out, creating a hole. Within a week, the six families living there were abruptly evacuated, allowed only to grab a few essentials. (One gathered up her 11 cats.) City building officials are now taking the building apart, brick by brick to prevent collapse. Those officials told WFSB that the owner, who housed tenants in another building he owns, has been responsible with permits and registrations and they are not currently planning to fine him.

And They Say It Impairs Your Judgment: A Norwalk man suffered burns, trashed his apartment and got arrested after an explosion allegedly caused by his attempts to extract pure THC oil from cannabis buds by heating them with a butane torch. A police spokesperson told The Hour that officers arrived at Thomas Farago's condominium to find a screen door blown off its hinges, cracked drywall and the following strewn about the living room: a butane canister, a torch, drug paraphernalia and bits of marijuana. Though his hands and neck were burnt, Farago, 35, was soon released from Norwalk Hospital and faces a number of charges.

A dispatch center received a 911 call with no sound from the other end and traced it to a Middletown apartment. Police knocked on the door but did not get a response. After firefighters pried open the door, police reportedly found Helen Cruz and her 5-year-old daughter hiding in a closet. Cruz, 31, failed a series of sobriety tests, police told WTNH, and when they asked how much she had had to drink, she replied, "Fuck you, bitch" (which was probably, to say, a lot). Arrested on charges of risk of injury to a child, Cruz appears to be rolling her eyes in her mug shot.

A routine traffic stop in Wilton got weird when bystander William Kydes reportedly approached the officer and informed him that Wilton police were his "slaves" and he was their "master." The Hour reports that Kydes, 22, allegedly ignored several orders to leave the scene and continued the master/slave talk until one of his supposed servants placed him under arrest. (At the station, he reportedly kept it up, threatening to sue the department.)

Middletown police pulled over a man allegedly driving erratically and arrested Jose Dosreis, the recipient of 12 DUI prior convictions, reports the Hartford Courant. Dosreis, 57, seemed resigned, according to the police report, and admitted he was drunk, having consumed an entire 30-pack of beer that day. When asked about his record, "Dosreis shrugged his shoulders and said, 'I do my time, then I get out.'"

While high on "an unknown amount of psychedelic mushrooms," 32-year-old James Norris allegedly smacked around a female acquaintance, reports WFSB. Police were called to the woman's Coventry home at around 5 a.m. as Norris was engaged in what he may have perceived as an epic battle with something that had a shark's head and bat wings.

A naked man was spotted doing push-ups in the middle of a busy intersection in New Haven, according to the New Haven Register. The man was surprisingly polite when officers arrived (perhaps due to the calming benefits of exercise) and happily agreed to be escorted to a hospital for a psychiatric evaluation.

Ashly McFarline and Pedro Galindez were apparently running an ecstasy factory out of their Danielson apartment, reports WFSB. When officers raided it, they allegedly found a 14-inch butcher knife hidden beneath the pillow of their 4-month-old baby (who was peacefully sleeping as police entered).

A New Haven man was robbed in a place where no one should be disturbed, a port-a-potty, reports WTNH. The robber apparently braved the unpleasant sights and smells to burst in and swipe $80 and 100 Xanex pills while the victim was indisposed.