Dappled Ice

Dappled Ice (Promotional Photo / April 4, 2012)

Rob Brooks takes natural scenes like a Long Island Sound sunset and classic Americana roadside kitsch, two seemingly disparate subjects, and paints each as seen through his psychedelic, vibrantly-colored filter. A collection of such paintings entitled Places Seen / Surreal Visions, opens Friday at Southport Galleries. Brooks' last exhibit at the gallery two years was wildly successful, so he's back for more. Pictured is "Dappled Ice," the artist's take on the iconic ice storage bin at the neighborhood corner store. If this page prints in color, you'll immediately understand what I'm talking about.


Southport Galleries, 330 Pequot Ave., Southport. April 6-28. Gallery hours: Tue.-Sat., 10 a.m.-5 p.m. (203) 292-6124, southportgalleries.com.

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