Former history teacher Stephen Flanagan's way of interacting with female students was "touchy" and "creepy," according to a New Milford High School human resources official. Flanagan (who retired amid parent complaints) was fond of rubbing girls' backs and shoulders and hung an unsettling number of pictures of them in his classroom. The Danbury News-Times reports parents also complained about his unsolicited photography services at cheerleading, gymnastics and dance team events. (Flanagan reportedly sent one student a package of more than 50 photos of her at her home address.)


Occasionally, a driver who appears intoxicated makes it known to police by colliding with a cop car in a way only a drunk or high person would. Recently, a 17-year-old man (allegedly in possession of narcotics) reportedly missed a stop sign and swung into a Hamden patrol vehicle, reports the Hamden Patch website, and Giselle G. Hamburg (arrested on DUI charges) drove past two police cars in Greenwich, lined up with their lights flashing and already in the process of a traffic stop, and allegedly came close enough to chip off the mirror of one, reports Greenwich Time.


John G. Rocha of Windsor apparently got sick of a hungry black bear damaging his bird feeder, so he allegedly shot and killed the 250-pound animal, orphaning a 1-year-old cub later taken into the care of wildlife officials. The Hartford Courant reports Rocha, 82, was charged with negligent hunting and killing a protected species.


Reginald Speller, 41, allegedly called Middletown police and claimed four armed men broke into his house, but he scared them off by throwing furniture and a TV around his bedroom. Police found his story inconsistent and Speller's live-in girlfriend claims he called her earlier, accusing her of cheating, and probably wrecked the room in a tantrum and created the story as an elaborate way to hide it, according to the Middletown Press.


"This can't happen. I'm a teacher," Krista Salvioli reportedly told the police officer who stopped her vehicle and noticed the crack pipe allegedly resting in her center console. The Connecticut Post found that Salvioli, 27, is a psychologist at North Stratfield Elementary School in Fairfield.


A manager at the Five Guys Burgers and Fries in Fairfield reported that someone accessed the restaurant's storage bin and siphoned $600 worth of used peanut oil (which was arguably the healthiest thing in the place), according to Fairfield Patch.


Bad Ass Lunch Lady: Joy Alves, a cafeteria worker at Jonathan Law High School in Milford, not only interceded in a fight involving five students but struck one of them in the face, police told the New Haven Register. (Alves, 35, was arrested at the request of the parents of the student she allegedly hit. She was fired.)


The object, feared to be a human body, for which Westport police sent a cold-water rescue team to a frozen pond, turned out to be a hockey stick, reports the Westport News.