ZED 45
Downers Grove
Brazilian churrascaria Sal y Carvao has morphed into this a prix fixe dinner spot abiding by the same salad bar/touring meat servers concept, only with a wider, more internationally influenced menu.

"The concept of this type of dining experience is unique and interesting, but poorly executed. For a Friday evening, the restaurant was sparsely populated, and the lighting was that of a piano bar. I would have thought that they might want to show off the food that they were serving, until the piece of raw chicken was served -- the bright pink center of the roasted chicken was a bright red flag [for] this restaurant. With the exception of the chicken, the food was better than that of a Bennigan's or a Friday's, but not worth the price that they are charging. I do believe this unique restaurant has potential. but for now if you do plan on visiting, bring a flashlight and inspect your food before eating it." --MK, Buffalo Grove

"There were so many different types of meats and fish to choose from, we can't even begin to describe them, as each was better than the one before! We especially enjoy the lamb chops with goat cheese, filet wrapped in bacon and the parmesan pork. My friend who is not a huge meat fan thoroughly enjoyed the fish selections. The wine list is awesome; our friend found a few favorites he rarely finds anywhere else. Our service from start to finish was attentive and unobtrusive. We made our next reservation as we were leaving!" --Jaime, Chicago

"The food tasted good...however, the price is way, way, [ital: way] overboard, especially for a new restaurant. Price-wise, they should start lower and build a customer base. After that, maybe start to raise the price. Service [was] just OK. [There were] a million people offering food even when not indicated. [It's] hard to go back for a $140 (for two people) meal when Fogo [de Chao] is better and cheaper." --Ryan P., Burr Ridge

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Palos Heights
This new south-suburban spot serves as corporate lunch destination by day and slick bar by night.

"It's about time the area got some great food and amazing entertainment! A large group of us went to see the [dueling] pianos on Saturday -- what a blast! It's so fun to have somewhere to go on the south side. The service was excellent, plus everyone in the place is happy and friendly!" --Lisa, Palos Heights

"Never again! The atmosphere is almost as bland as the food. [I] was there for dinner and was completely let down. If Trio is attempting to pull a "Bar Louie" and bring a downtown flair to the 'burbs, it has failed. The crab cakes still had water in them, the nachos had microwavable cheese on them and were soggy, [and the] burger was not cooked to order. I'll stick to Harrison's or Bar Louie for awesome bar food, good drinks, and a nice atmosphere." --Kate B., Tinley Park

"[This was the] first time I visited Trio and I had a great time. The food was exceptional, drinks were delicious, [and] service was good. My only suggestion I would offer to management is [they] need a better seating system. You have people entering from two entrances and people don't know where to go." --Rebecca, Worth

"All I can say is I am so happy you came to Palos Heights! You saved me a lot of cash in gas. All I have to do is drive down the street -- no more downtown or western 'burbs! Stay consistent and I will be a regular customer." --Becky, Palos Hills

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Penny's Noodle Shop
This popular, affordable Thai eatery has several locations in the city and Oak Park, but recently expanded northward with this outpost in Northfield.

"[This] establishment needs to get up to speed on customer service. The food is good for the price, but not exceptional. Recently, they tacked on extra delivery charges without notifying." --Unhappy Customer, Northbrook