Got a taste for something small? We toured the 'burbs to try these mini-burgers on for size.

FIXIN'S: Topped with bleu cheese, caramelized onions; speared cornichon atop each bun.
EATIN': Fantastic flavor; asked and received medium-rare meat. Soft brioche bun is slightly sweet; the perfect size for patties. Adelle's has since added bacon-Cheddar and mushroom-Swiss mini-burgers; an order includes one of each.
THE DEAL: $12 for 3 burgers. With onion strings. -- Phil Vettel

Bar Louie
Locations in Bolingbrook, Naperville and Evanston
FIXIN'S: Cheddar cheese was only cheese choice.
EATIN': Thin burgers shaped for the bun. Called sliders, they might have been emulating White Castle -- but they didn't taste like the real thing.
THE DEAL: $7.99 for 4. With fried onions. -- Maureen Hart

Locations throughout the 'burbs
FIXIN'S: Dressed with American cheese and lettuce on a simple egg bun.
EATIN': Not juicy. Not very warm. Our server didn't ask how I wanted them cooked. Asked if it was an option, I was told they were all cooked the same (medium-well to well) because they couldn't cook ground beef beneath a certain temp. The bun was the high point: decent soft bun, held up well and fit the patties.
THE DEAL: $8.49 for 4. With seasoned fries and Bennigan's "secret sauce" for dipping. -- Fauzia Arain

Cheeseburger in Paradise
Locations in Downers Grove, Algonquin and Des Plaines
FIXIN'S: Topped with American cheese, pickle slice, diced onions.