Dieruff's win was nice, but Huskies want to make it part of their routine

Huskies end a 45-game losing streak against teams other than Allen.

All of the congratulations and way-to-go-guys are nice for the Dieruff football team.

But the Huskies want to get to a point where people don't make such a fuss out of them winning a game.

Dieruff beat Wallenpaupack 34-21 on Saturday for their first win over someone other than Allen since the 2008 opener against Pocono Mountain East.

In between, there were 45 straight defeats by teams without the Canaries nickname.

As significant as that win was for people who were seeking tangible evidence that the Dieruff program is on the right track, the Huskies themselves don't want to dwell on it.

They're hoping performances like Saturday's become business as usual.

"It does feel good to win, but we're expecting it to happen now," said second-year coach Kyle Beller. "In the first two games of the season we played two good teams and got beat, but we still felt we gave some things away."

The Huskies gave away the ball three times in the first half on Saturday, but unlike many other Dieruff teams that may have been too discouraged to compete the rest of the way after falling behind 14-0, this one fought back.

The Huskies struck for 28 straight points, including three touchdown passes from junior Chris Marks, who finished the day with 259 passing yards and leads the Mountain Valley Conference with 663 in the air.

"I just throw it to the receivers and they make all the plays," Marks said. "I throw them short passes and they've been turning them into big gains. They're amazing."

What some might find amazing is that Dieruff has already scored 95 points this season. That's more than they scored in the entire 2009 (56), 2010 (68) and 2011 (69) seasons and is approaching the 126 points registered last year.

"I am just trying to read the defense and stay calm and poised," Marks said. "If something bad happens, I try to stay positive and get over it."

Dieruff, like virtually everybody else in football, is using a version of the read-option and is trying to push the pace.

They want to be quick before the snap and even faster after it.

"We've got guys willing to move around and play multiple positions," offensive coordinator Matt Shultz said. "That flexibility is allowing us to be dangerous on the ground and in the air. It starts with the offensive line and the quarterback and they're both playing at a high level."

Andy Shultz, a former Whitehall High quarterback and a longtime Zephyrs assistant, said that this being the second year of the same offensive system has also been a plus.

"The kids are more comfortable with our verbiage this year and that allows us to grow and expand," Shultz said. "The premise of the spread is to spread teams out and we've got the right guy who makes it happen in Chris Marks. He zips it right out there."

The zipping continues once Shakur Lester gets the ball.

He scored on TD runs of 40 and 80 yards on Saturday and also caught a 56-yard TD pass from Marks.

"This year has really been great," Lester said. "I ask the O-line to step up every game and I tell them I'm going to follow them the whole way. I put a lot of pressure on them, but they deliver for me and I want to deliver for them."





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